The camera didn't take a picture error

When I turn on my Glowforge the machine makes a clicking noise as it normally would. After that however the printer head does not move. It says it is focusing, scanning, and centering. After some time of attempting to center I receive the error message “The camera didn’t take a picture.” I do have some lights out on both LED strips as shown in the attached pictures. I have attempted the suggested fixes for checking the Printer’s connections. They all seem to be seated fine as shown in the pictures. I tried to go through the calibration steps with the same results. I have tried powering the unit down and restarting my computer. I have attempted disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi . I can only assume from reading other similar topics that it might be the Black Lid Cable needs replaced. I have only had my machine for 5 months and have already had to replace the printer head. Now the lights are going out and I am not able to print. My business is very dependent on the operation of my Glowforge. Please assist in fixing or replacing my machine quickly. Thank you, Craig Jones

Hello! @willisfarmsdesigns I am sorry to hear about the trouble you are running into with the lid camera. I did notice that you had an email ticket opened as well. I went ahead and responded to you over email with the next steps. I look forward to hearing back from you by email. I am going to close this post to mitigate any confusion or miscommunication. Thank you!