The camera didn't take a picture


When I turn on the printer last night it showed me “The Camera didn’t take a picture” and the head of the glowforge did not move at all. It shows that is centering and then that camera error. The

LED light does work on both sides and when I open the lid it shows “Lid Open” but nothing else.

I did all steps for the “stuck calibrating”
Internet is fine, I clean all lenses, I push on each black belt clip, and no luck!

Please help

It could be an optical illusion but the black connector that goes to the circuit board looks askew. That could cause your issue but there are other possibilities. Support has said in the past they do not recommend playing with the black cable connectors unless they tell you to do so.

Just FYI: The black lid cable has been a high failure item. There is speculation that opening the lid all the way could hasten it’s failure over time. There is little reason why the lid needs to be opened past about 45 degrees and significantly reduces the stress on the cable.

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I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge is getting the camera didn’t take a picture error.

I’ve extracted the logs from your Glowforge and looked at the trouble you’ve been experiencing. The issues you’re seeing might be caused by a poor connection with the cables on your lid.

Since it looks like you have already checked the connections. it’s likely that the black cable on the lid has a problem and needs to be replaced. Because your warranty has ended, you can follow this link to purchase a new Black Lid Cable.

While you’re waiting for your new lid cable to arrive, you can review the instructions to install it - Replace the Black Lid Cable.

This should get you back up and printing right away. If you are still having trouble after replacing the cable, let us know. Take close-up photos of the three cable connections and reply to this email with the photos.

Kinda wierd, but I had the same problem last night as well. So we cleaned it this morning and been working through troubleshooting to see if it was something we did wrong. The camera error came on, and the head stopped moving which only lets us know it’s centering before the error message comes on about the camera.

Guess, we will have to contact support. Boo, was really hoping it could be fixed today.

How do we know if we are under warranty?

Within 6 months of the ship date of your Glowforge Basic, or 12 months for a Plus or Pro. You can refer to your email for when your machine shipped.


I feel for you! I’ve been dealing with the same thing since Jan 5th and they’ve already sent 2 cables and I’ve bought 2. None of it worked. It seems to be a long road. I hope you aren’t losing money by the day like we are! I’m also curious to know how many have been through this. I dont want to hear the “dont open the lid all the way” excuse. That’s not possible for me. Mine is on a work bench and you can’t open the lid up straight so that’s not what is happening with it.

How long have you had yours? Only 2 months for mine.

This printer is a refurbished one I got in October since they could not fix mine. I’m losing money day by day…I have 23 customers waiting but now I’m worried since some people say the belt did not help…I guess I can only wait and see.

I saw you’ve already emailed us about this and we’ve been in touch there. I’m going to close this post for now.

If you have any trouble after installing the new cable please let us know by starting a new post or emailing us again at