The Chinese laser experiment

This is gonna be a thread about my Chinese laser experience. I got it last night and had time to inbox it, but didn’t have a computer to install the more than likely virus ridden software on. I’m currently loading Windows on an old laptop I had in the attic and quarantining it from my network to install the pirated copy of Corel draw 12 and the 37 viruses they sent with the laser.

Double boxed!

Well then… Fu Yu Tu!

This is how everything came packed

The laser bed and sketchy USB virus transmission device

Tube is all in one piece!

So much room for activities!

What does the “text” button do!? ET phone home?


keep it coming !!


haha that fu yu is one of the best things ive seen all day.

Im excited to see how this turns out for you.


I thought about buying one, then spent my money on a membership at the local maker space. Can play with the laser there.
I am still interested in how well your laser works.
Keep the reports coming.


If you change the thread title to “The Chinese laser experience” you could have a great band name…


The laser came with a baby bag of Doritos?! Thats worth the shipment right there.


Bwa-hah-hah-hah-hah! This oughta be very interesting! :relaxed:


They went from 10 on hand when I ordered yesterday to 2 on hand this afternoon!

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Eeeeeek! I hope you still have all your appendages when the Glowforge arrives! :wink:


Do keep it coming… we all really want to share the experience


That’s the exact same model I have. I love it. A little wonky but fun. Keeping everything lined up and checking the water pump continually is the worst part. …

Here is something I made for a friend today for her Mom for mothers day.


@takitus your virus talk scares me. Are you speculating or is it a known thing? I have a PC laptop that I only use for V-Carve & gcode sending to the X-Carve. But I’d hate to load it with something that’ll give problems…

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Anything china typically means high chance of infections

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That’s pretty much EVERYTHING. LOL

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Except your Glowforge (when it finally gets there)! :slight_smile:


Don’t they headline for the Randy Disher Project?


Just got back from seeing captain america and saw this on the laser group on facebook:



oh it was a bit of a joke, but im seriously setting up a completely separate computer and quarantining it from my network for a number of reasons:

  • its software from china
  • random thumb drive with it
  • comes with pirated software on a DVD-R/W disc LOL (and it looks like its been used quite a bit!)
  • instructions in a word doc

all of those things make me want to approach on the more careful end of the spectrum


I have some finance stuff to move around and re-position to free up some cash to get my own chinese laser experience. I have an old laptop that I would probably use to clean the infections found first, but realistically, I’m looking at buying a brand new laptop here soon to use with the redsail clone I’ve been eyeing and the glowforge in the future. problem is, I’m going to need around a week longer before I can put the money down on the redsail clone. I’ve been watching the dwindling stock of the ebay 60watters too.

getting the bigger machine also means I need to get an electrician to check out my garage and install a new amp switch in the breaker, and get me some grounded outlets out there. then comes rolls of insulation and putting up some sheetrock, and getting a heating unit.

by the way, if that’s a k40, they have this thing called a “usb key” that literally just has to be in the computer the entire time it’s connected to the machine to get it to work. i’m pretty sure i’ll skip the corel draw x install if it comes with. my experience with corel is that it’s a drafting program designed by programmers with an apple/mac mindset. between fusion, photoshop, inkscape and sketchup, I expect to be fine. would you guys want me to put a similar thread up when I get my laser(not to steal your thunder, takitus-san)


I purchased mine about 2 months ago - just to “play” around with until the GF. Still haven’t had the nerve to power it up yet LOL. Been sitting there mocking me for weeks - maybe this weekend…