"The Cortez" - My First Project for the "Binge" Art Show (Dec 2018)

Fun to see it go together!


Oooh - I’ll put this on and glance over as they progress
11:27 later I can finally peel my eyes away!

That’s so frickin’ cool The attention to detail in the design make the construction mesmerizing! The frame tops it beautifully!


I just can’t stop looking at this!
It’s amazing!

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:joy: I didn’t mean for the video to be so long. There were just A LOT of steps! Thanks for watching!!!

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I thought this was amazing from your photos, but watching the video of the assembly… I am totally blown away. Such a fantastic piece. I’ll be returning to this post and your video for inspiration for years to come. Excellent post. Excellent video. Excellent work of art. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much!!! … and thanks for watching!!

I’m thinking “The Raven” from Altered Carbon as a nice hotel project. :slight_smile:
not for me I don’t have enough sk1lz. but I am not above making more work for somebody else. LOL

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This is absoutely beautiful. You’ve definately set the standard for this type of art.

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Ummmm … WOW!

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