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For some reason his pupils get really big when he’s excited or playing. :grinning:


It’s seriously cat-speak for “I’m about to attack your happy butt!” :rofl:
Their pupils enlarge when they need to let in more light - fight or flight situation. Mine only ever look at me like that when we are playing a little too aggressively and they’re about to take a taste.


Hahahaha! Kitten #2 (“Axel”) just climbed up to check on me, and spotted Tobey…


I love it!!!


:musical_note:Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear @takitus
happy birthday to you! And many more… :notes:


Thank you!


Happy Birthday! :rainbow::boom::bulb::lollipop::cake:


True story:

So, the neighbors are gone for another ten days and my husband is chicken-sitting again. They set up the henhouse and long narrow chicken run in the space between our two houses. It being trash day, he peeked into the henhouse to see if the cardboard floor needed replacing. Yep! So he closed off the door and replaced it with a fresh sheet.

Fast forward to the evening. We returned from playing some music after 8:30pm (a time when the hens would be roosting) and he went over to lock them in to the henhouse, just like always. The problem is, he’d forgotten to open the henhouse back up, so they were roosting on the ground. I went in to the house while he worked on the situation.

About 30 minutes later he finally came back in, dripping with sweat. He tossed me the head-mounted flashlight saying, “Be careful, there might be blood on that.” I callously replied, “Not chicken blood, I hope!” (In my defense, we really don’t want anything to happen to these chickens on our watch.) But it was only a minor flesh wound, suffered when he caught his finger on a nail in the scuffle.

It turns out that chickens apparently don’t take kindly to re-roosting. He got one of them into the house after a few minutes of encouragement, but the other one wasn’t having any. She kept evading his efforts to herd her from the small interior enclosure into the henhouse. He tried everything—making a “cow” pusher out of cardboard, gently persuading her with a tomato stake, bribing her with blades of grass. She would step coyly onto the ramp just to tease him, then run off again.

She finally walked up the ramp to the door, then stopped. Almost in tears, he begged her to go inside (and maybe encouraged her a bit from behind). Apparently feeling she had established her superiority, she did.


LOL! I had no idea chickens were so hard to wrangle



I’ve been awake for a whole 6 minutes but am mysteriously out of likes already, so you get emoticons instead!

For future reference, chickens go into kind of a catatonic state at night, which is why chicken houses are required, because things can just walk up and eat them without them putting up a struggle. So if you need to catch a chicken, wait until full dark, and then just go pick them up and put them where you want them. :wink: (Just be sure to keep an eye on them in the meantime so nothing else gets to them before you do!)


I raised several hens for a few years, just because they’re so cute and fun. Getting fresh eggs was a bonus. I loved your story and can identify. Those tiny heads can be very stubborn.


Yeah, I think he tried that, but she was hanging out inside a really small inside pen that he couldn’t reach her in.


Bless his heart, that is service above and beyond the call of duty. :smile:


:musical_note:Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear @bkressley
happy birthday to you! And many more… :notes:


Thank you @cynd11 !


Happy Birthday @bkressley! (Today we eat cake!) :grinning: :birthday::chocolate_bar::pie::lollipop::beers:


Happy birthday Katie! Nineteen years old today, so she is wearing her princess crown.


Wow she looks great for 19.


Pretty tuxedo kitty! :cat:


:musical_note:Happy birthdays to you,
happy birthdays to you,
happy birthdays dear @chadmart1076 and @tim1724,
happy birthdays to you! And many more… :notes: