The Dutch, NL, Hollanders, Nederlanders... (EUR)

I was on the Glowforge ‘owners’ map (Glowforge Map) and I counted 9 Dutch and another 4 or so Belgian Glowforge owners. I’ve ran into one or two on the boards here but never started a full on conversation.

I was thinking that maybe for in the future it would be nice to have some like minded in the neighbourhood to ask questions, double up on parts/ orders and generally talk about lasering. I’ve noticed a couple of makerspaces too. Near by Technical support for those tough situations in our own timezone.

My Glowforge will first live in Amsterdam but I’m looking to move out into the country again. I miss being surrounded by trees and animals (grew up on a farm) I’m looking to expand my business with the Forge but not concentrate it around being able to lasercut and engrave.

How about you?


I’m from Belgium and bought the Glowforge with a friend.

I have been playing with a homebuild CNC router, 3D printer, … and always wanted a lasercutter. This seemed like the first lasercutter that was inside the budget. We would like to try and make some kind of money from the machine, but that is still far away I think :).

We are the dot closest to the sea and like everyone, can’t wait to get the machine !

Look at the Map i am close to the border of the Netherlands :wink:

I’m from Maastricht, and waiting for two machines.
It would be nice to exchange experience with each other in real life.
Greetings from Erik

I am Poland and I also ordered glowforge. Let’s be in touch. We will share information on repairs, parts, and good ideas.
The Slav.

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Makarewicz here, but in US. Grandparents from Poland. Unfortunately I can only eat and curse in Polish. Oh, and drink piwo.

Hello Markarewicz, Wolniewicz here :). My great grandparents traveled to the US and went through Ellis Island in the early 1900’s.



I am from the Netherlands as well. I did not buy the GF myself, my sister and mom did for their card making supplies shop. I’ve advised them to buy a lasercutter before, but they don’t like using it because the software is not straightforward enough (HEY, this is exactly what a GF does 100 times better).

I am a mechanical engineer myself, having an Ultimaker 2 (waiting for the extrusion upgrade package for over a month already). At this moment I am planning to use the old linear rods and stepper motor for a new project, be it a 4W lasercutter (visible light, so still usable to cut/engrave) or a homebuilt or maybe I might even become very enthusiastic and start building a SCARA robot arm for a project like

I guess we should combine our forces in ordering proofgrade material, as I said, my sister and mom are not that tech savvy, and they will love the material. But they will not pay a 200% premium due to shipping and customs cost.


Welcome Nouws, good to hear from you too.

I think proofgrade material is a great way for glowforge to earn some extra cash but buying those from Europe will just not be feasible.

There are some great vendors of laserable materials in NL but also within Europe.

I’m also fully in the process of finding suppliers in BE, NL or europe in general.

LaserSign in Belgium is a good supplier for a lot of laser materials I think, high quality, but expensive.
Anyone with other tips ? I got the basics (felt, cardboard, …) from local shops, but good quality felt is something I haven’t found. Also leather is a world I’m not familiar with, so don’t know where to look.

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Hi, Glowforging in the North! Groningen is now online!
Still experimenting to find a way for the Glowforge to pay its way, looking into niche markets as well as generic items.

I’ve just ordered some test supplies from the UK, but would rather find an affordable supplier on mainland Europe.