The evolution of a Dragonfly


While visiting my sister in law in Michigan a couple of weeks ago I saw a metal dragonflly sculpture she had sitting next to her pond. I had just gotten my "“Do you want” email the previous week and immediately I thought “I could do that on the Glowforge and make it even better”.
I had remembered seeing a thread where a fly was made. Went back in search of it and there it is!

I’m not one to try and reinvent the wheel and would much rather build on someone elses work so to Google I went. Found this

I’ve already posted my progress so far in the fly thread but didn’t what to take it over so I’ll post the rest of my story here.
I was struggling with the files at first and @jamesdhatch was kind enough to convert it to svg for me.
I’ve got some more work but here is my first go at it.

This is designed for 2mm material so tweaking for 1/8 acrylic is needed.
My intention is to inlay the voids in the wings with multicolor translucent acrylic.
I’ll continue to post the rest of my progress here, if anyone cares.


Yes please.


Please do!


Beat me to it! Looks great!


I think it will look awesome with inlaid acrylic. Looks pretty awesome already in cardboard.


Kewl! :sunglasses::+1:


I am anticipating the finished project. Can’t wait to see what you do with this!


I think those inlays will look absolutely awesome. Definitely share some pics of your ongoing iterations!


That thing is really cool! If you didn’t want to inlay more acrylic, I saw a video on YouTube by Peter Brown recently where he made a stained glass look using epoxy and dying it. I think you could do something similar here, and might be easier. (Sorry, can’t find the video right now)


Just watched that last night.
The same thought occurred to me but I’ve already got the acrylic and have no epoxy.


Well, there you go. Your path has opened before you. ha ha. Peter does some wild and cool stuff on his channel. I’ve watched him for years.


Will be fun to see the finished project! Very cool!


Inlaying the voids with translucent acrylic will look wonderful. I’m excited to witness the dragonfly’s evolution - keep us posted!