I spy a fly


Predator fly, predator fly, does whatever a predator fly does. Clear acrylic predator fly.

The evolution of a Dragonfly
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

Kewl! :sunglasses: (Glad they don’t actually come that large.)


Very cool!


I could swear I’ve been tormented by horse flys that size!


That would make a nice crackle sound if you were able to swat it…lol… Super cool!!


Oh man, now newbie_234 needs to make a giant flyswatter! lol


Now all you need to do is add some LEDs to it and make it into a desk lamp! Heh


! Rad. Looks great. Your pattern or where did you find it? I want to make a dragonfly


Nice! I can see that hanging down from a hook in the ceiling, maybe with glowing eyes…




They come that big in Lower Alabama… or at least it seems that way.


Awesome and creepy at the same time :slight_smile:


That’s neat!


The album Flood is the soundtrack to my children’s lives.


Everyone has already said it, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t gush as well. That’s really spectacular. Awesome creation.


:astonished: Whoa! (jaw hits floor)


Amazingly gruesomly big !


Forget the flyswatter! This one needs a baseball bat!


Love it!


Resurrecting this thread, I too wanted to do a Dragonfly. I found this

however I’ve no clue how to convert it to a usable file for the Glowforge.
The files included are “sldrp” and DXF. I’m currently waiting for them to load into Fusion 360 but have no idea where to go from there.