The filter system I purchased with my glowforge a few months ago doesn't work well

I bought a new glowforge and the filter recommended a few months ago. My glowforge had to be replaced because it didn’t work properly at all. They were great about the problem and replaced it pretty quick.

Now I have had the new one a couple of months and it works great - however we removed the filter system about a week after getting the new one because the room was filling with smoke. I checked the filter and turned it up to max. It didn’t help and I’m pretty sure it’s full. But I only used it for a couple of months with the previous glowforge unit and a week with the new unit. I have since vented the glowforge outside and it’s working great, absolutely no issues. Now I have a worthless air filter sitting here that I paid a lot of money for, that was only used for a couple of months. For the most part I am only engraving or cutting on thin wood, an occassional piece of leather and rarely any acrylic, so I don’t believe this should have happened so quickly.


It’s actually the other way around…acrylic doesn’t seem to fill up the filter nearly as fast as woods do. When researching the purchase of the filter, you may have missed seeing the info. about how fast they fill up when cutting/engraving certain things like MDF, even if for only a very short period of time…and you may also have missed seeing how expensive the replacement filters are. It’s always recommended to vent outside if at all possible for those reasons, so it’s good that it will work that way for you now.


It sounds like your unit just needs a filter replacement. Maybe you could sell it to someone who doesn’t have access to outside venting.


I bought a filter with mine also. The filter filled up in about a week! I did quite a few prints in that time, though, mostly mdf and PG plywood.
If I remember right, the proofgrade plywoods have an mdf core. This is bad for filters!
I believe the new thinner ply has a hardwood core. This is a good thing for filters.
MDF is a filter filler upper!!

I finally figured out how to vent it outside. No more issues.


Hello @cpaczosa123 I am so sorry your Air Filter is not working as expected.

I reviewed your printer logs and it looks like the Air Filter setting is off. If the “Glowforge air filter attached” setting is incorrect, you may have problems with smoke and fumes. Could you please try the following?

  1. Log in at

  2. Click on any design

  3. Click on the three dot menu

  4. The menu should look like this:

  1. If the air filter toggle is to the left as shown, click it so that the toggle is to the right.

  2. Try a test print and let me know if this has resolved your issue​

Please let me know how it goes.

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