The Fire project, and a box (long)

Greetings -

Thanks all for the kudos. I enjoy doing the write-ups, as another form creative exercise. It also helps me recall all the steps, including those I should have done in a different order, or which saved time later. That sort of thing.

But it’s also cathartic. This was a large project (for me), and when I spend that much time on something I get a kind of emotional attachment to it. AS talks about it occasionally on his podcast. So finalizing the write-up, along with cleaning all work areas, and (re)organizing the tools used as I’m putting the final touches on a piece, gives me a real feeling of closure to a project.

Other lessons learned -

Doing this project, along with The Aquarium, is also helping train my mind to visualize additive or assistive 3d printed elements as I work through a project. Although, I still absolutely love the challenge of making something complicated entirely with the GF. I mean, designvh619 completely blows my mind with his purse designs such as Winter is Coming

Lastly, RIP imperial measurements for GF and 3d projects. Doing just this one, completely in metric, while slow to start, was simply a no-brainer. I was getting fairly comfortable using .125" or .875". But working in mm, oh man, that just makes life so much easier when you have a crap ton of separate components that all have to work together. So I guess you could say I’m now metric-flexible. :wink:

At any rate, thanks again for the feedback and kind comments.

Much appreciated!