The first two weeks with my Glowforge


Moved this to ‘Made on a Glowforge’. It’ll get more airplay that way.



Clearly it’s not the instrument; it’s the player.


Holy cow, the leaves are amazing.


Well, don’t stop lasering, but do finish the font! That will be cool!


Wow! What you have done so far is so impressive. Love the leaves! It would be really nice to be able to see how long the print would take before you send it.


These are ALL just incredibly beautiful. You have really set the bar high for beginner with a Glowforge. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your work.


Congratulations! Your leaf pic just made it on the Glowforge Instagram account.


Thank you for all the hard work you and the glowforge staff have put in. It’s been amazing so far!


Love it! Great work!


Thank you, Thank you for sharing! That is wonderful work! I love the lettering. You’re doing that by hand with a digital stylus? Incredible. I’m looking forward to your next share.


Oh I see… you’re going old school with a brush tip pen. I need to get one of those.


She does both! Her Instagram account is a real inspiration. (I would link it but it has her real name, so I will leave it up to her to link if she wants).


Thanks. Found it. Mesmerizing and clearly not something that I’m going to learn to do quickly, so I’ll just wait for the font. :wink:


You guys are awesome. thank you for all the compliments on my work. :blush: :blush: :blush:


I think you win the “What I accomplished on my first day” award. I think I managed to engrave someone else’s design on cork and cut a circle around it.


A literal, out loud GASP came out of me when I saw your cut leaves. That is just so cool!


Her account is public, so I don’t think that is a problem. And you’re totally right…Kristen’s Instagram is a real inspiration! I actually have followed her there for a while now, and only recently figured out she was a Glowforge owner.


Yes, my insta is a public business account i don’t mind sharing it!


Beautiful work


Sooooooo beautiful!!! I plan to test on paper when I receive mine!! Love your work and pen holder, too!