The Forum IRL!


A box arrived in the mail this morning, which had “Jules’ Junk” scrawled on the side. Our office coordinator @StephanieS brought it over to my desk saying, “Wait, is this from THE @Jules?!”

Yes, yes it is.

(+ three more spinny string toys, which I accidentally left out of photo)

Jules had generously offered to send a few things for us to show off at our upcoming Maker Faires. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was NOT expecting this TREASURE TROVE of amazingness, some of which might be even too precious to bring to Maker Faire. Our staff is enjoying stopping by the little “Forum IRL” I have set up next to my desk.


Moving/bringing GF between work sites...Advice?

THIS IS FANTASTIC. :slight_smile:
Way to go!


How cool is that!

At first I was thinking I’m not so sure I would have been able to part with a few of those.

Of course I could have! I’d just make another one!

Looking good @Jules! I still love the roll top desk.


BEST. GIFT BOX. EVER! Holy crap that’s some cool stuff @Jules!


Absolutely stunning.


Proposed topic rename:
Jules’ Jewels


I have studied the picture carefully, and frankly, I am stumped. Where’s the junk?


I want some junk!


Someone really wants their forever unit!! jk

@Jules I bow to both your mad skills and your generosity…


that’s awesome. there are even a couple of things in there i don’t remember seeing before. nicely done, @jules.


Oh! :blush: Since i won’t be doing MakerFaires I figured there wasn’t any reason why you couldn’t use them. (Wasn’t expecting you to tell everyone.) :flushed:

I’m glad they all arrived intact though, and it was my pleasure. :smile:


Wow! @Jules is SO prolific! (and generous)


Seriously! I assumed maybe she repurposed a box that was formerly used to hold junk. :slight_smile:


They did! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING you made for each item! :wink:


Omigosh, Jule! That is over. the. top ! What a very nice and generous thing to do. You have some exceptionally serious talent for design. :+1: :star_struck:


Hey, I’ve got a loaner laser. Chuckle!


Wow, incredible! And I want to know why we haven’t seen some of these things before. Have I gone senile and just forgot?


Wow Jules! How sweet of you. Great stuff to demo at the fair! :purple_heart:


That girl has way too much time on her hands :smile:

Nice job @Jules. I’m saving my spares for my classes and for our local MakerFaire. I’m just a selfish guy :slight_smile:


If that is junk, I’ll take a LOT of junk from Jules.