The fun of .svg scalability

I was inspired by @ahvaness doing his awesome lake depth chart (HERE) and got busy starting the process of drawing out my own maps to make a cool end table for my dad’s place in northern Michigan. With my first layer done I needed a brain break and felt the itch to actually burn when it hit me, yes this is for a big scale project, but isn’t the point of vector that it scales?

I popped the .svg in the the GF and shrank it down to test on some card stock just for fun and am super please with the results, to the point that I might make a mini card stock version of the final project for my desk at work :slight_smile:


Absolutely. It’s even right in the name SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

Love it!!!

We spend so much time trying to get things to print/cut exactly the size they’re drawn that we forget…

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Card stock version is a great idea!

Those are some nice lakes!

Looks good in those colors too.