The future is here. Tractor beams?!


For some reason your two postings (this one and the chair one) reminded me of a cool item we saw many years ago: an acoustic mirror. It was in the fine guitars room at Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas. I think it was made of fiberglass. You would sit in a chair with a guitar, facing the mirror, and you would hear all the nuances of the guitar sound as if you were facing it. It was amazing!

Sorry for the hijack…


No hijack at all. Way back in the day, there was a science museum here in atlanta called Scitrek. Long since closed, but they had a room with 2 full-size satellite dishes (the huge ones, like 8-10 feet across) set up across the room from each other. It was freaky, the sounds from the other dish would seem to come from nowhere. Really cool.

Here’s a breakdown of a bunch of these places:

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I would love something like this in my little music space. I didn’t know this was a thing.

In theory you could make one with your GF. You’d just need to calculate the arc of a parabolic dish from your sitting position and build small mounting points for flat panels for the sound to bounce from. The smaller the panels, the more forceful the reflection I’d think. The tighter your tolerances, the more precisely you’d need to be positioned to get the full effect, but it certainly seems doable.

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Scale this concept up and you’re getting close…

That is really cool!

Edit: Damn it, now you have me thinking of cool stuff you can do with this!