The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


I really enjoyed this thread and thought maybe a 2018 version would be good.

Please contribute your fancy work and greatness. It’ll be fun to share.

I’ll start.
I work with my sisters to decorate and donate a tree each year to be auctioned for the benefit of our local children’s hospital. Festival of Trees in Utah.
Our tree this year celebrates adventure, natural wonders, and US National Parks.


May have set the bar a little too high with that entry.

You have been busy. Look great.


Yeah, I’m out.


Impressive! I fold.


Good grief! Have some ornaments? That’s impressive work, there!


Those look great! (I just ordered a batch of the natural wood rounds from Amazon this afternoon.) :smile:


Glacier is my favorite!


I didn’t even think to look for these on Amazon, and there you go putting something else in my shopping cart. :slight_smile:




Wow, I’m glad someone started this because I was just thinking about the one from last year! I want to see others’ ideas so I can be inspired. Also, yeah, you kind of set a high bar with your post :open_mouth:


I call BS. LOL


Playing around with names of cities in the area. People around here really love local stuff.


ooooh I really love the Raleigh skyline.
All very nice.
Brag. You can.

  1. For a first grand baby of one of my friends - the baby has a moose themed nursery.
  2. A general purpose one to give to friends.
  3. Printed several of these so my sister who lives in France can give them away.
  4. Quick ornament to share as well.
    The moose and sled svgs are from Open Clipart.
    IMG_2231 IMG_2294 IMG_2307 IMG_2293


I made ONE prototype ornament, but I really like it!

I’m not planning on selling these, since the original image wasn’t mine to use (I just googled “Celtic Snowflake” and then played with it in AI, simplifying the image and breaking it down into cut/engrave layers), but I’m hoping to sketch out some designs of my own…


I really like this ornament. I hope you share pictures of ones completed with your own designs.


I forgot to share this one…

This community got a tiny inside joke shout-out.
Y’all have really helped me a whole lot.
So there’s a hedgie. I didn’t make him; but he matches the decor.


I made some for my son to sell at his scout Christmas Supper. They are part of the “62 Phare Est” troupe of scouts.







Did that with a couple of things.
I put a star where the city was on the state map though.
Seemed to be a hit.