The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


Love these!


Awwww…look at the hedgie! (He’s so well camouflaged in there I would have missed it if you hadn’t pointed it out) :sunglasses::+1:


How did you manage to be missing that? I spotted it right away, and was waiting for your squee.


I was focusing on the artwork! (And on a small screen.) :smile:


Means need to make a hedgie ornament.


I’m way behind everyone else, finally doing my first engraves on ceramic. Tests came out well, excited to make my own designs!


Porcelain ornaments rock for laser customization, that is sure.


My black Kitty has been working overtime.


TOTALLY love this. With my pair, no tree going up.


Hahaha—hilarious! We don’t have an indoor tree either, for the same reason. We just rig up the tree with lights and place it on the other side of the French door window (looks like a door but doesn’t open) with a wireless remote to turn the lights on. It’s not that we mind them climbing the tree, but they just won’t stop chewing the needles and I don’t want to have to worry about that.


Had to make a =n “H2O” molecule ornament. (draftboard, no glue - used clamp slowly to pop it all together…)



Playing around with the 3d “diorama” idea… fun trial to hang in my office (they chose a frozen theme this year to decorate)


…and some 3d ball ornaments…


I know all those towns are close to one another - my question as an engineer and map lover is, do you move the location of the heart to be accurately placed for each iteration? :rofl:


lol I’m about to loose points with you because I totally just wing it with the heart location. Actually, I don’t think it’s even quite right for the general area…I looked it up the other day and thought, oops.


LOL. I thought you were putting it where the city was :slightly_smiling_face: The pics all had them in different parts so I just figured it was part of your customization process.


I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t actually finished a lot of the drawings I wanted to for this holiday season. I had a bunch from the past, which I have found to have issues with translation for the GlowForge. Alas - I’ll get to them at some point I suppose.

Here are a few of the things I’ve actually managed to get done this year.


I like all of these ornaments, but I really love the layered one.


My first designs and cuts on my Glowforge!

Clear Medium Acrylic Christmas ornaments for my nieces Hannah and Emily.

I had the snowflakes etched in as the first layer, followed by a cut layer. I rushed taking off the protective tape layers and broke off a snowflake arm inside the “E,” but I think it’ll still work as a present.


The layered one is spot on. All of them look good.