The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


If the break on the arm is clean, you can reattach it with acrylic glue. Weld On 3 or 4 would work, as well as Pro Weld. I prefer Weld On 4, but you can’t get it in California any more. The Pro Weld is awesome - I think the maker has sold off to Micro Mark. They have a version of the Pro Weld which I’ve been using and like quite a bit.

I don’t know if you have used these types of glue, so here’s a little info. Apologies if it’s not necessary. The trick with these types of glue is careful application. They are water thin and as solvent based glues will leave spots if you spatter or go outside the area you want to glue up.

Put a drop of the glue on the joint edges and then carefully position. Hold until you can let go and not have it droop off the joint. Shouldn’t take too long. You can use the brush it comes with, just don’t drip to much onto the joint. Also, you could use a needle bottle to apply it as well. Both options are good, just a matter of your preferences. It’s worth practicing on scraps if you are worried about the technique at all.


How do you make the round ornaments and leave the name? Sorry I’m new to the glowforge. They look awesome.


Not really hanging ornaments, more like tabletop. But you could add a hanging loop.

The two trees on the right were cut out of glue chip stained glass using a ring saw, by my husband about 15 years ago. The ones on the left were my approximations from laser engraved acrylic. Way faster and easier to do!


It depends on which vector editing software you are using. Go to the Glowforge Tips and Tricks category. Close to the top of the list (currently) are three tutorials for making name pendants in the three most commonly used vector programs. The first (pinned) posting in that category is an index to all the tutorials, which you should definitely check out.


Well, I don’t have a tree this year, so here is a quick little Door “Ornament” I made so my neighbors wouldn’t think I’m the Grinch.




What font are you using for that where all of the letters connect? I’ve been having issues finding a good one.


There are a few good letter-connecting fonts that I found on The one I chose for this project was “Sweetheart Birthday.” Find it at the following link:


YOu can also try looking at this thread

Another thing is , if you find a nice script font that you like but it is kind of skinny or not connected is to save a copy… then do an offset a few times to get a shaped “bubble” of the name and then merge that in the ornament design. Then engrave the name in that shape on the ornament… Like the pricilla one here


I got in the spirit yesterday and came up with this…still deciding whether the design is “finished” or not–there’s always one more little thing I want to fix!


ooooh I love that.


That is fantastic. This is a beautiful Christmas ornament that gives the true meaning of the season. :grin:


I am running out of numbers…


Plastic ornaments. (They actually make some that look almost like glass.) :smile:


Time to engrave the backs!


That is one fine looking demolition panther.


There’s also…


Engraved on acrylic


My Multi Media class designed these ornaments!! This is our first time using the GlowForge and we are obsessed!!


Made these penguins that come with or without a card, which is really just packaging.