The Hopeful Makings of a Scroll Saw, on a Glowforge

Just fantastic!


I really like the double stacked bowl…the mismatch gives it character…lol


Yeah, it even looks better that way :sunglasses::+1:


Nice I like the details…question…can you reverse the first bowl to climb from the top of the second bowl? To make sort of a jug.


Oooh, good question, I’ll try that later today and let you know! Anyone here who makes these bowls probably already knows the answer, though.

Btw, a big thank you to the member who first posted a pic of them…I never even knew these existed before that.


Do you mean like a vase? Where you make two bowls then flip the other on top?

Sorry just trying to understand your idea.

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That is what i understood it as…

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I see no reason why not. If you make you blanks the same size, and keep the circumference the same, why not.

If your driving your design by equation you can have some fun with it(or if your in the mood to do things manually in inkscape or whatever). If you can set you width of each layer to either progressively get wider or narrower per layer, you can probably get some sort of parabola shape. Thought you just have to watch you don’t get to thin.

Sorry , didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I hope that answered the question.

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Holy cow, yessss, you can, and it’s friggen beautiful…

What a great idea, thanks!

With the cap on, it’s more of a decoration, I guess, but you can leave the cap off it’s like a vase…make it bigger and it’s more useful…

The pics aren’t doing it justice, so I took video instead:

Dangit, video failed; too large…

Pics for now till I can upload the video.


Btw, notice the difference in charring? The dark one is the first set, way too much power / too slow speed.

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Awesome job!

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If you made the base the same size as a glass cylinder (vase, or even a jar), you’d have waterproof flower vase with wood trim. Could even go all out and wrap the glass with tiny “rice” lights. That would cast interesting reflections around the vase.


Oh yeah! Could make the center always a circle, same size as the od of the vase (a cylindrical one), and the outside cuts any pattern…awesome idea!

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Very cool! I think it would make a neat clock as well, with the movement behind the central base area.


So many great ideas…I wish I was more artistically talented


Or put “spokes” into one of the rings so it can be attached to the movement shaft… Now the ring becomes the hand of the clock… provided the ring is light enough not to put too much load on the movement.


I think your projects are great, and in any case I think Glowforge (the company) needs a whole range of testers to show the rest of the world that regardless of your background or training, you can make something amazing on a Glowforge!


Try this: make one octogon on a piece of paper or on the masking itself. Scan it into the GFUI. Select, copy, paste, embiggen this new octogon and position around first octogon… Copy, paste. Embiggen this one. etc. Set cut operation. Hit print.


Thank you! Yep, I’m definitely in the “Look at what an average Joe, with just ms paint knowledge, can do” category…lol

Although I did just down load fusion 360 today and played around with it a little tonight. Omg, how did I ever live without it?!


That should definitely work…but I had wanted exact dimensions when I first set out to make this…