The Joy of Design



I think they are great!


They are beautiful and useful.


Yeah, wish I had a second Like for that idea! It’s a good one! :sunglasses::+1:


Yeah, and your vendors stick with you because they want see what next year’s item will be… it’s a win-win!


They are stunning. Again, you wow the :glowforge: world.


Oh, my, these are awesome! I think the horizontal one is best, because most people have horizontally oriented cards. Great job!


I ordered 5,000 cards a couple of years ago, but when I had someone design them, I made them so they could serve as labels for some of the physical items (woodworking things and laser stuff if I could ever get my GF). It works out really well. I almost never hand them out as business cards, but as a nicely designed label on an item, they’re fantastic. There is no way I needed that many, but I only paid like $45 shipped from



Question: Do sales people have clean desks? If not, I’d consider a flat bottom instead of legs. On an uneven (cluttered) surface the legged version is more likely to take a spill.

I haven’t seen the wandering ficus in a while. Did it get jealous of Demon and go on a walkabout?


I’m betting the horizontal style will be most popular. Nice style there on both!
Regarding design, I really enjoy when the plan evolves during the process. Emergent ideas that further energize the inspiration, and you end up with something even better than you originally envisioned. :sunglasses:


@Jules the horizontal fits most cards, but is awkward with taking one. Will the upright be a better less awkward design? Just asking !


She ate it. :wink:


That’s the exact thing I don’t like about the horizontal one - if you just have a few cards in it, they slip down a little and it’s hard to remove one. I think i’m going to have to make the slot narrower so they stand more upright. (But hold fewer cards.)


Those are fantastic! I actually like the vertical one. My business cards are vertical, guess I am one of the cool kids :wink: I do have a business card holder on my desk and they look silly because my cards aren’t oriented the correct way.


or put an oval cutout on the back top edge for a finger grip. you could make it a design element :slight_smile:


I’m afraid either way I’m going to have to take the horizontal slots out of the design, the cards catch on it.

(Who am I kidding? He’s going to have me just make a plain box with a logo on the back.) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is one step closer to hedgehog furniture.


Maybe today is the day he has a flash of creative insight and asks for a cardholder in the shape of a steer’s head - with longhorns sticking out each side. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG! He might! :smile:


These look great! I love the idea of making them a set and @cynd11’s idea of adding to the set each year. I also agree with @BSheremeto’s suggestion of selecting the orientation for each customer based on the layout of their cards.

That conversation sounds a lot like the conversation I had with my brother yesterday about the onesie he wants me to personalize for his best friend’s first grandson. I emailed him 4 questions about the design. He responded to 1 question. I asked if he planned to answer the other 3. He said he had no preference on those issues (font choice, adjustments to the wording, and color). I sent him a mock up. He said he didn’t like the color or the wording…


I know! Drives me nuts! :rofl: