The laser head and tube keeps going sideways! Help!

I was engraving like normal, and then I hear a horrible noise and my laser head tube are sideways!! I cleaned my Glowforge and it doesn’t help. There was another chat happening on the 18th and I tried all suggestions made but it’s not making a difference.

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i would check the tracks, the wheels, everything along the glide path, with the power off you should be able to move the gantry forward and back easily, if there is something blocking the path, move it, or take a picture of it and we will tell you what it is!


I can’t see anything in it’s path

could the air assist fan be hitting something?

like whatever you are using to hold down what you’re working on?

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It’s the other side that is hitting something. Have you checked that side? Also, how thick is the material you are working with?

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So this happens with or without material. I took out the tray, cleaned everything and it is still happening. There is absolutely nothing in the way. Not only did I wipe everything down, but I air sprayed it in the hard-to-reach areas and I still get the same result.

i sent you a DM…

I never heard from you, I think I know what is happening, one of your stepper motors disconnected from the board, Or they died. so the gantry is pulling unevenly – looking at the picture I would say the stepper motor on the right hand side is the culprit.


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I am so sorry!! I work overtime overnight and I have just been out of it.

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I had this happen to me about 2 months ago and it ended up being that one of the plastic guide wheels had literally split in half on the track. I would thoroughly check everything out with the guides and wheels.


I still haven’t found the cause of what happened to mine. They are sending a replacement for me.

yea Glowforge Support and the whole Glowforge team are pretty great. They sent me a replacement as well.

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