The lens goes down when I cut

Hi! i need some help, every time I cut or engrave something the lens goes down. the quality and strength of the laser decrease. I don’t know what else to do, i try cleaning, pushing with the blue tool and it doesn’t work.

What do you mean by “goes down”?

The lens is designed to move inside the print head, but you should never force it to move - that will break the delicate mechanism inside. That’s why it “snaps” in place using a magnet.


Is it going down while lasering, or is it dropping and staying down?

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it just drop and stay down.

The lens moves inside to focus the laser beam. Don’t force it to move.

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As everyone has said, that lens is supposed to move so it’s unlikely to be the issue. It might be more helpful to understand the problem you’re having if you can post a pic of your print instead. And a screenshot of your settings as well.

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I thought it was the lens. sometimes i have trouble with mdf cuts in one step. and it takes time to do it with two. but I guess it’s wood. I didn’t know that the lens went up and down. thanks for your help.

That can definitely happen, some people report that MDF can swell in humid places. You can try either upping the power or slowing the speed or both a bit instead of cutting twice.

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