The Luggage, anyone?



So… I got to talking to my husband, John, about how I’m increasingly sure that I want a traveling case for our glowforge. (Pearl)

And then I realized I want to build it.

And then I remember Discworld…

I’m thinking laser cut marionette legs along the sides, kind of shielding view of the wheels? It’d be easy enough to connect them to the movement of the cart and make it look like they’re running, I imagine…

Squee. :smiley:

December is just around the corner - WHO'S EXCITED?

Squee, indeed!


You need to post pictures of that when you make it.


It is even more of a Luggage allegory… every time you open the lid, there is something different inside than what you remember putting in there!


:smiley: I’m googling automata concepts like a madwoman.

I found an ebook:

@jacobturner YES!

Also my brilliant husband says I should have a waist strap for towing it so it’ll “follow” me.


… Instead of having brakes on the wheels, it’s possible to have, like, blocks that pivot/shift/turn downward and create a different interface with the ground, right?

And then… could those also be leg-shaped… or leg-suggestive?



And I just made this thing, so I’m feeling super ready for a treasure chest profile… Oh, this is going to be fun.

(Griffin says the white spray paint is magic frost power. #TheMoreYouKnow )


Or you could go leash less.


Or if a suitcase that follows you isn’t ridiculous enough, you can have one that can do this:


Put a box on this and add a few dozen more legs, and this might work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The banana peal gag gets me every time.


I have been waiting for this all my life.


I like the ride on luggage way more than your attitude toward my joy.


Omg it does dishes. I welcome the robot overlords.


If my husband could have a different life, he’d be working at Boston Dynamics. Not to say it isn’t possible now; but he expects he’d have to give up parenting and earning a living for several years to know enough useful stuff. I hadn’t seen SpotMini before. Thanks for that.