The Mad Robot

I love retro sci-fi. There is so much campy, colorful art that graced the covers of science fiction pulp magazines. So I wanted to make one into an art piece. And one that turns the 2D cover into a bit of 3D.

So, here is my first effort. About 16" tall x 12" wide x 4" deep.


Oh squeeeee! I love campy sci-fi too! That’s fantastic! :grinning:






This is amazing (just like the story)! I love how you put this together.



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Outstanding!! This is so cool .

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Yup. Super nerdy and very cool. Love it.

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Very nice! Now tell us what you printed it on, and how you lined up the cut… :slight_smile:

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I spent a several weeks back in March/April figuring out the workflow. The image is edited heavily in Photoshop.

I isolate the subject on one Photoshop layer and the background on another layer. Anything in the background that isn’t visible (for instance, part of the letters ‘S’ and ‘T’ in the word ‘STORIES’ that are occluded by the robot’s head) has to created and painted into the background layer.

Each piece is it’s own case. I’m working on one now that involves no less than 4 layers.

Then, each of the Photoshop layers is printed on a color laser printer using 11 x 17 heavy stock paper. The paper is mounted on 1/8" baltic birch and the element cut out on the Glowforge.

“Lining up the cut” requires juggling the image in 5 separate programs, one of which is a high-end vertical application I typically use for CNC work. Let’s just say it consumes the bulk of the workflow, involves node-editing SVG files and scaling the output to an accuracy of 1/100 of an inch.

Once all the physical pieces have been cut on the Glowforge, I cut slots in an oak base using my CNC machine, stain and finish the oak, apply felt to the bottom and call it done.

I’m attaching pictures of the original source image (scifi magazine cover) and a couple other subjects that I’ve done.

One I just finished as a gift for a co-worker who is a Pearl Jam fan:

Competition ride:



These 3D images are fantastic! Great idea!

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The Mars Attacks one is AMAZING! I also regret drinking as I scrolled down and saw it, as I snorted, choked on my drink, and then spit it out my nose from laughing…


My apologies. I probably was drinking when I created it. A lot.:sunglasses:


How on earth did you get the GF cut Exactly around the perimeter of the drawing??
Mine is so Off in compariron with what i see via the camera.

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I don’t rely on the camera at all to line up the cut. From my earlier post it’s this:

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Thanks for sharing photos. The saturation is amazing in the print job. The color is so lush.

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Agreed Mars Attacks is the one. What color laser printer do you use?