The most unprofessional, impossible customer service

This is why peope say not to get a Glowgorge…their customer serice is THEY HAVE NONE!

This has been unreal! Do not ever buy one of these shit machines…I was just at a trade show and a lady had another brand…that’s the way to go…

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It truly is unreal…ZERO ability to get ahold of customer service…I’m filing a claim with BBB today…this company is a joke!

Glowforge staff doesn’t read this forum, I’m afraid all you’re doing is implying that we’ve all done something stupid by buying and enjoying our machines. I get that you’re mad but you might consider other people before posting.

As for customer service, they’re slow but the somewhat bright side is that once you do get a response they generally do a good job of solving your problem.

Good luck.


Does not match my experience. I recently had an issue that I just wanted to report as a potential bug, and they worked with me to try and resolve it, finally determining that my (5+ year-old) machine needed replacement. Everything was prompt and courteous.


Welcome back to the forum. Now you are up to 6 minutes read time and we still don’t know what is wrong with your machine or if you want any assistance. Glowforge doesn’t have a phone number to call, but they do provide service.


They usually respond within 2-3 days in my experience. I’ve had 2 machines, one had a problem early on and I got a replacement free of charge. I have experience with many lasers and I think it’s well worth the cost for what you get. If you bought the laser with little knowledge about it then thats on you.


I don’t know what happened to you, but I was surprised how quickly they responded to my issue. After giving me three different options I found out it was my fault for not reading the instructions. I use to work for Gateway computers in customer service and Glowforge out surpassed them by a long ways. Sorry about your issue, but I love my Glowforge and would recommend it to my friends.



If you want help, many people here are very knowledgeable and can help you.
If you want to vent, that’s fine, but it’s not very productive to do so here where we are all just other users, we can’t do anything.


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