The old standby...well, items to sell



Another visit to ReStore, love engraving and coloring tile. I’m hoping to sell these, though.


Those are really pretty and should sell well.


I’m hoping so. I have an intended target for the heart. (I have a coworker that will buy ANYTHING hitting certain themes.) I’m hoping the tree gets some interest, too.


I would really like to sit at your elbow and watch as you color this. You are really very good at it.


i’ve taken this as an inspiration for a tile gift to my local animal shelter. pics to follow tomorrow after coloring is complete.


Maybe I will make a video. I do take advantage of the fact that marker washes off glaze with a magic eraser and water, though I was more careful with the leaves. It tends to be more the color selection, which is largely based on what clicks in my head.


I look forward to seeing them.


Ahhh! Like the tree…great shading! :+1:


Was another of my ‘trying something new’ bits.


Love the tree!


I was really happy with how it turned out.


Nice choice of colors on both tiles. Good luck selling these.


Well, both are sold, but they are on display for a week or two prior to delivery.


The heart design is cool… The paws look a little unusual though. Is there an animal that has three front pads that I don’t know? Dogs and cats both have 4, and I get that this is stylized some, I’m assume it is supposed to be one of the two?


I love the tree, but would expect the heart to sell and sell and sell no matter the month.


Isn’t there a three-toed sloth? :wink:

Ahh, here you go:


Oh thank you for that rabbit hole…:rofl:


I didn’t create the design. My thought was stylized dog based on the shape of the main pad.