The Optimist's Report -- Craft Foam stickers (Settings)

I got my GF 2 days ago, and it feels great to be posting on the “Made on a Glowforge” category.

Before getting to any of my own projects, my kids were jumping at me to make something for them. We made a quick puzzle out of proofgrade (I did not take a picture), but they wanted to explore the trace function even more.

I took out some craft foam I bought at Walmart. They have a sticky back to them, and are about 1mm in thickness. The come in a pack with about 10-20 different colors (they are 8.5 in by 5.5 in I think)

I engraved it at 1000 speed, 10 power, and cut it at 140 speed, 4 power, 2 passes. The width of the material was 0.04". They came out looking great.


I have a stack of this as well. I’ll find a use for it!


Fantastic! (I’m going to add the word “Settings” to your title so we can find it later.)





We’ve used these foam stickers in the past for silly little things. LOVE what you’ve 'forged with them! We’ll have to go get some more and do some more playing.


(Sorry for the off topic question - but if I bookmark this post in my browser and it gets moved to another section later, do you know if my link will still work? I don’t see the category in the url, but I am not totally sure and I don’t think I’ve bookmarked anything that has been moved…yet.)

This post is definitely one I want to remember later.

Thank you all!


I think this belongs in the Beyond the Manual category because it mentions settings on a non Proofgrade material.

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They beg for this treatment :smile:


Thank you, @jrnelson!


Yes it should, but i haven’t tested bookmarks specifically. Links outside (Google spreadsheets) definitely update when the post is moved, so i imagine the inside ones for Discourse do as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

(and I need to type faster)

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Let’s find out.

I need to try this! I’ve been scared of foam because it could be made with a lot of different things and it’s not like they put ingredients on the package.

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@rbtdanforth What app is this?

It is Gimp