The overnight bag of 1,000+ stitching holes


Oooh! Not me unfortunately, I’m an Illustrator geek too. (I only very recently acquired AD, so I’m not up to speed on it yet.) :confused:

I’ll go poke around a bit, but it’s fairly new software…they might not have documentation on it yet.


Thanks for chiming in Jules.
Jae thanks for the reply.


Hah! My Google-fu is strong! Try this link:



Super post. The details and breakdown of the workflow are essential to inspiring me to do projects that are complicated like this. I have not touched leather since my pre-release days but have all the stitching tools and rivet tools. Excellent.


LOL, now I shall go look for an inkscape version :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! I definitely could have used a project like that when I traveled a lot for work.


Wow, really impressive! Well done!


The brush or spray extension works differently in Inkscape. You can use two extensions. One is to convert dashes to line segments. The other is using the extension Pattern along path. The post immediately following this one talks about using the extension pattern along path.

Make your stitch path. Then make your circle for a cutout and convert it to a path. Put it at the start of where you want the stitches to go along.

Select the hole and then the path. Then choose Extensions > Generate from Path > Pattern along path. Set the parameters for the pattern. Choose repeated and snake.

Then choose the space between copies and the offsets. It is set in pixels per inch, with 96 pixels equaling an inch. Unfortunately, the dialog box rounds up and down to tenths so you can’t get exact scaling in an inch, which would be 5.625 pixels for an 1/8 of an inch. But you can adjust the spacing to hit the corners as you wish.

And here is one with a .065" hole spaced 5 pixels. You can break apart the resulting compound path and edit individual holes.


Your bag looks great. Thanks for the details of how you made it and what you learned. I feel so inspired!:star_struck:


I’d LOVE to make something like that for myself. I cant wait for my glowforge so I can try out some techniques!


WOW!!! Amazing! Wanna sell the plans? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I will show this to my girls.


This bag is amazing. I have been trying to get my daughters to get a clue about just how amazing the glowforge can be when it comes to making stuff they would like.


Beautiful bag design … Coloration … Such a stunning piece!


That turned out gorgeous! Nice work!


Jae, you are such a rockstar!!


Fantastic, great job.


Wow that is gorgeous.


Great work. Thanks so much for the write up and sharing your experience and expertise.


So were you in a smoking room? Or were you carrying along a top secret air filter with you?