The Purchase History Page is Broken Again

It was broken for me yesterday as well, but is working this morning.

Hi @geek2nurse, i’m sorry to see this has returned for you. I’ve alerted the team.

Please let us know here if you see any changes today or tomorrow.

I just checked, and it’s still showing the same error message. I’ll check again tomorrow!

@Dan_H it’s still broken.

Thank you for keeping us updated! I’ve let the team know you’re still experiencing this error as they work to resolve it.

Hi @geek2nurse. I checked on this issue today and will continue to keep tabs as we work towards a fix!

Thanks. I checked just now, and it’s still broken.

Thanks for letting us know, @geek2nurse. Could you try accessing your purchase history page through this link instead?

Let us know if that works for you!

That works!

Normally I get there from the Shop page via Settings => Purchase History.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve talked to our team and the best way to reach your purchase history at this time is

I haven’t heard back in a few days. I hope that means the link to worked for you!

If you run into any other trouble, please create a new post or write in to