The Renovation Saga - Weekend #1

The house is ours. We got keys Friday!

I wasted no time getting into the walls!

We’re taking this wall out so wanted to see what was in there. Shouldn’t be too difficult to put a beam across to hold up the roof!

But we had a contractor coming to quote the work, and stopped there.

On to the master bedroom. The previous owner (who lives next door) used the closed-in garage as an office, but we want to use it as the master. It is adjacent to the laundry room which we will be remodeling into a laundry room/closet. The master has an 8" step up into the laundry so we wanted to make it flush… let the raising begin!

Here’s the step up into the laundry room.

Baseboards and a strip of drywall removed. Perimeter framing installed.

And here is the end of the day yesterday. Most of the joists are in. I was short by two 10’ 2x6s so I started on the reinforcing.

Things I learned… I’m WAY out of shape.

I plan to have all the joists and bracing done by the weekend. Plywood should go down shortly thereafter. I drastically underestimated how much construction adhesive and screws I would need.


are you putting the new floor in over top of carpet tiles?


A rule of thumb I use. Double all your cost estimates and triple the time estimates and you will get close to your final figure.


I know this is stupid and picky and probably already take care of, but before you finish that room please do two things:

  1. Check the code for your area to make sure there isn’t a minimum height for electrical outlets

  2. arrange some kind of air exchange for the space under the new floor.


(Anecdote from my youth: one summer when my parents had just finished putting an addition on top of part of their house, I went up on the roof for some peace and quiet, and admired the unbroken expanse of new shingling. Key word: unbroken. Even though the part of the house below included two sinks, a tub and a toilet, all of which had previously vented straight up.)


that’s the indoor/outdoor carpet squares that were in there. Didn’t really see any reason to remove it.


Put in secret panel stash/valuables storage between the joists.


A rule of thumb I use. Double all your cost estimates and triple the time estimates and you will get close to your final figure.<<

well that will get you close? want to be exact? here’s how. :slight_smile:

determine cost. Double that.

now figure out time to allow for said project. For example 1 day.

now you double that to 2 DAYS for your base time estimate.

see where it says “2 DAYS” you edit that line to “2 WEEKS”

PRESTO… you now have an accurate cost estimate and accurate timeline. :slight_smile:

Always Always use the next increment of time. 1 day goes to 2 weeks. 2 weeks go to 4 months, and so on. :slight_smile:

hope this helps.


Love your energy and enthusiasm. All these projects folks share go to keeping the momentum going for making and creating. But that yellow? Wow.


That is an excellent idea. I will definitely be building in a floor safe/stash now!

That color is in both bedrooms, the kitchen, dining room, laundry room and the master bedroom. Jan’s mom arrives in 8 days for the singular purpose of helping to paint. :wink: No yellow will remain.


Of course only 10,000+ people are in on the secret.


Ah, but my location on the GF map hasn’t been updated… so nobody knows where I live! :wink:


45 seconds on Google and I now have your real name, city, and a picture of your house. Yeah, good thing you live across the country from me.

Edit: Oh that’s right it was your old house. Gotta go to the realtor’s site.


You could probably just use the most recent shot he shared of his house and do a google image search. I bet that would find his address. :innocent:


Think I’ll wait till he accidentally spills how much loot is in the safe.


Ah man… now I gotta sell and move again. :cry:


Secure secret Proofgrade storage.


We wouldn’t tell anyway. :grin:

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this freaked me out just a little, so of course I tried it.
@chadmart1076, it would seem that you live in the Village of Liempde, in the valley of the Dommel, in the Netherlands. :sweat_smile:

Looks beautiful there!


I believe I got similar results. You’d think with with online real estate listings it’d be more accurate.
Not that this is a bad thing


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ya found me! :smiley: