The right side of my machine won't cut all the way through

The right side of my machine hasn’t been cutting all the way through. It looks like it scores but doesn’t cut through on the the back side you can’t even see any markings. I cut, “a good measure” and you can see on the pics what happened. If i have a cut that is the full sheet, the right side doesn’t cut all the way through and even if I cut anything on the right side it doesn’t cut. Please help me! I have taken out my crumb tray and cleaned it, wiped down all the lenses and my material and crumb tray lays flat. I can’t figure out what is wrong.

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Under the edge on the left side of the machine is a mirror - that’s what the laser hits to get to the head. Failure on the far side is mostly that there’s something on that mirror. Can you post pictures of that, as well as all the lenses in the head?

You should also be submitting a ticket to support with those photos, and the time when you cut the GoGM so they can check your logs :slight_smile:


If this is new behavior and you have not moved the machine, clean the window on the inside left of the machine and the side window on the printhead. As previously suggested, contact Glowforge support.

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Apologies if you’ve already tried any of this stuff, I don’t mean to imply that you don’t understand these techniques:

More directly, it’s because something is misaligned, not dirty; If it were dirty you’d expect poor performance across the board, not just on the far side. There are a couple of places where misalignment can happen, some you can correct and some you can’t without GF’s help. Square up your gantry, check your laser head mirror to be sure it’s properly seated, and try again, if it doesn’t work then talk to GF support.

Aligning the gantry:

And see the “returning the mirror to the printer head” section here:


how do i submit a ticket to support? I thought that is what this is that I did?

Glowforge support does not monitor the forum any longer. Click the Support tab and then the “Submit a request” tab and complete the form.


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