The Starving Artist

Hi Everyone! This piece started just as a cup full of colored pencils and evolved in to many of the fixings of an art studio. I thought about doing a cleaner studio theme, but honestly I didn’t want to mess with designing an easel and desk and whatnot. Something about the grunge and the simplicity of boxes put me in a garage theme, which then became an alley with a trashcan and drain pipe.

My favorite part of this piece is Pete the Pet Potato Bug, allow me to introduce him before I show the whole scene, as he was this piece’s “Happy Accident.” I was melting a hot glue stick with my bic and wasn’t paying close enough attention and the thing caught fire. So I blew it out and a small bit with black char dripped on to my workspace, when it cooled, I thought it looked cool and started thinking it looked like a little bug. So I put him in a bottle with some clear cellophane I hit with green sharpie, and he became Pete the Pet Potato Bug, the perfect companion.

And now for the alley. The glowforged pieces are the red milk crate which I did out of medium red acrylic, and the paint tray, which is medium clear acrylic with the paint wells engraved out, painted white and color sharpied. The rest is card stock, hot glue, toothpicks, 1.5mm chipboard, sharpie, acrylic paint, and a few small store-bought glass bottles.

Thanks everyone for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


That alley is one of the happiest and saddest little creations I’ve seen. I really like it.


I’m loving all these mini scenes!


These are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!


Right down to the paper towels. Very well done. I love the discarded work.


I love all the tiny details! A whole story told in one scene.