The store 500 error is back for me


Ran into a similar problem last night (haven’t tried today) in that the store will not let me complete my purchas of PG materials. Have tried it on two different computers and two different browsers…


Thanks for all the new info. We’re still investigating. We’ll post here as soon as we have an update.


Thank you so much for your patience. We’ve resolved the error you experienced when checking out from the shop. When convenient, would you please try again? Let us know if you experience any trouble along the way.


Nope. Still not working on my phone or laptop. Although now my cart has been updated a quantity of everything I must have tried to add to it while it wasn’t working, because it went from 4 pieces to 63. LOL!

So still the same thing here - 500 error off of clicking on the cart
Swirling animation on add to cart button

Does something with my account need to be reset on your end? My cart can be purged if that might help things.


Thank you for the update. We’ll investigate. I apologize for the continued trouble.


We’ve reset your cart and removed the items. Would you please check when you can? Again, I’m so sorry for the delay.


Thanks. Not a huge deal for now since I can order through my other login I set up, but it’ll be a bigger deal if I take some of my referrals as store credit. :wink:


I appreciate the response - that’s one way to do it!

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.

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