The Terminator Tattoo

$10 says someone’s going to disable the safeguards and do this:

That’s just one big bucket of Nope, right there.

I just mentioned this yesterday :wink:

Since I doubt this will ever be one of the stock GF materials with bar coded speed&feed parameters, please take lots of video of the test passes you go through to nail them down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure the leather engraving setting would work.



I saw this a while back, I wouldn’t do it but gave me ideas. like etching those press on nails.


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Just last Thursday I accidentally put my index fingernail in the path of my 60W laser at half power (before focusing).

It hurts. A lot. For quite a while afterward.

Granted, to get something that looks nice you will probably run at lower power. But it will still be less than pleasant. And stink too.

regarding the smell - a couple of decades ago my mother worked at a clinic where among other things they did tattoo removals. back then they used these devices that looked like a soldering iron to scar out the ink. the smell was remarkably repulsive.

Burning protein, has the same root smell if it comes from bacon or rino horn.:-1: