The Top of my Glowforge came off

I lifted the lid on my Glowforge this morning and heard a loud pop! I noticed the hinge was starting to separate along the back part of the forge. I tried to close the lid only to have the entire top of my machine pop right off!

I’ve had this machine since launch, I was a pre-order person, and it’s worked pretty damn well and nothing mechanical has ever happened like this.

What do I do now? It looks like only a small bit of glue was used to secure the lid to the hinge. Additionally, I live in Southern California, it doesn’t get that cold here and this machine has been living in our garage since it was made, soooo what I do now Glowforge? I tried calling, but the machine says no one is around to answer my call even though I called during business hours.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me!

There have been a few posts about this, hang on, let me dig them up.

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Aha, maybe a simple search is the best thing here:

The threads are all about what types of glues to use, I’d read through them and get a sense of what will work for you.


I was hoping to get into contact with anyone from Glowforge since their phone numbers aren’t connecting to a living person. I will explore this thread as well.

Glowforge doesn’t offer phone support. The number you called is likely their sales number. The only way to reach them is from the link on the website…or just send an email to They don’t monitor this forum at all, but other users can chime in with suggestions and ideas for you.


Thanks for the clarification!

Of course that’s


I have to say that the most likely response you’ll get from support is “send it back to us”. They don’t advocate for home repair very often, especially not something as major as “my door came off”.


If you were under warranty, they would replace it, but as you are likely not, your only option for official support will be to buy a refurbished machine.

As posted above, there are many threads on re-attaching the lid. At 4 years, however, I would not expect the machine to last much longer (the tube was designed for 2 year lifespan.)

Um…yes. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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