The tube has orange light flashing and machine isn't cutting

Sorry it’s a lil loud. After cleaning my fan. It cut & engrave fine. Then i heard like a pop but not sure if its coming from the machine.

Cuz i was watching a movie loud too !:confused: … n then when i went to check it, cut the image i want all of a sudden it stop… it sound like its cutting but nothing is gettin cut.

I pause for a second check my screen show no warning. N went back to push the button saw a lil orange flash in the glass pipe. Can yall tell me what happen please !:slightly_frowning_face: providing a short video


The tube, power supply, or wiring between them has failed in some way.

None of these are user-replaceable parts, so you’ll need a new Glowforge.

Email these details and your video to and they’ll tell you your options for getting back up and running.


thanks dan… i’ll have to write them and see where this goes.

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