There is NO Liquid in my laser tube

I am really about to cry!! My laser tube has no liquid in it and it is no longer lighting up. I’m getting no print and it’s a Saturday and Glowforge is closed. Has anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome?

Are you sure there’s no liquid? That’s a lot of liquid to go missing that should be all over the inside of your laser or on the desk/surface it’s on. If it didn’t leave a massive puddle from draining all at once, you surely would have noticed giant air bubbles inside the tube as it drained slowly over time.

I’m normal usage, the tube may appear to be empty as the liquid should be crystal clear and no bubbles after initially running when you set it up the first time.

If it is empty, there’s rumors of a sensor that will stop the laser from running…otherwise, could be a power supply issue. No lighting up has usually been that. We think. GF usually doesn’t tell us anything very useful.

Though, sanity check: have you checked to make sure the power setting isn’t at 1?


yes I put in a Glowforge certified material it happened during a cut the tube isn’t lighting up at all the laser just stopped working during a project last night I see no liquid and no lighting in the tube

Try shining a bright light on the coolant tank. You should be able to see a level inside. Since initial start up I have never seen any bubbles in my tube and so it looks totally empty all the time when in fact it’s full.


It doesn’t even light up I usually can always see bubbles

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In 5 years I have never seen bubbles, except for the first time the machine was powered up. Neither have almost all other owners.

As stated earlier, if coolant had leaked, it would be all over the bottom of the machine. There is nowhere else for it to go.

The tube not lighting up means it has failed, or the power supply has.


Thank you

The only temp sensor in the machine is in the coolant system. If you are able to power it on and not have an immediate yellow button, then you have coolant (although there are many other reasons you will get a yellow button). It just is hard to see the liquid.

Like what was said above, it likely is a power supply issue :frowning:


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