Thick Acrylic - multi-pass vs single pass - opinions

Cutting thick (5mm or more) acrylic is it better to cut at one slow speed or 2 (or 3) faster speeds?

I’m aware that:

a) slow speeds could be more prone to melting or deforming

b) multiple passes could give some edge cleaning

Those who work with acrylic regularly, do you have any opinions or advice?

I’ve had good sucess with .25" @ 2 passes 115 speed/full power and .5" @ 3 passes 125 speed and/full power. I do find that I get better results with more passes vs slower and hotter.


I usually do two passes if it’s thicker than 5mm. I will set up to sets of vectors and focus the second one different.

That way the edges seem to be cleaner and less goop on top.

Always easy to test this out on a small piece.

Here is one of the better topics. Some of it depends on what you are looking for.


Moved to BTM so we can speak freely about settings.


It’s midnight here, but reading the tests in the link I will look to see if I can see any differences to the cut top versus bottom.

Six passes sounds interesting… If that really did smooth out the edges that could be cool



I knew there was a good illustration of cuts. Forgot to ask if you have a Pro or Basic. I didn’t search for the numerals.

Is that @jae? :wink:


Perfect - I knew somebody must have tried it all.

So, multipass is best. 3 passes gives a better, smoother finish.

Just a question of running a couple of sample cuts to find the best speed.

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