Thick black acrylic 12x20 no more or out of stock?

Is Thick Black acrylic in 12 x 20 size no longer being sold or is that out of stock? I have a piece that I purchased and I need to purchase a few more but the size option is no longer showing up. If it’s just out of stock then I would suggest to Glowforge to put an out of stock option so at least we know what the materials can be ordered at a later time, or we can still order them but with delayed shipping.

They’re in the midst of a switch in handling companies (per the March update) so hopefully soon things will stay in stock more steadily - but yes, and out of stock vs just disappearing would be lovely!


Great minds think alike. Just posted a feature request for that the other day. Others probably have as well.

…so would anyone know where to purchase a 12 x 20 Thick Black Acrylic that is comparable to the GF version for now? I have several orders I need to process and don’t have the material. Thanks,

I don’t think you’re going to find 12x20. Most vendors have 12x12 and 12x24.

Inventables, Johnson Plastics, TAP Plastics and Delvie Plastics all have options.

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I went to a place called ePlastics in San Diego - they are local and I had them cut a 4’ x 8’ piece into 16 12x20 pieces and 4 smaller pieces (ended up being about $16 per piece about). It looks like the thickness is the same as the GF thick black and I’m trying to figure out the right settings now to cut it properly. The problem I have is that it looks like the beam thickness is too thick when it cuts and it scorches the top of the acrylic. 115 is just too little speed to cut and 110 does the trick but gives more burn marks. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve never done multi-pass cutting, maybe I should try that?

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