Thick Maple Plywood - no HD Photo setting

Is there a reason there is no HD Photo preset for Thick Maple Plywood? There is for Thick Basswood Plywood but not Thick Maple. If I cut/engrave my Thick Maple on the Thick Basswood settings will it cut through? I only have enough material to finish my orders this week (ahh Christmas) and I am running out of scraps to test on!

This does seem odd. I have no direct experience, but the settings from thick cherry plywood for cut and engrave seem to be the same as for thick maple. I think it would be reasonable to assume you could use the thick cherry settings. Thick basswood has a different cut setting than the maple but the same engrave settings.

Setting options are not the same for every Proofgrade material. The options vary depending on the material you are using. To ensure your print cuts through you should use the Proofgrade Cut setting for Thick Maple Plywood.

Apologies - someone messaged me to point out that this answer didn’t quite address the question. Not all materials have all settings available. For example, there’s no “cut” setting for Macbook Pro… for obvious reasons. :slight_smile:

We found that going slower didn’t produce better results for the Thick Maple Plywood when we tested it, so we didn’t create a separate HD setting. I’ll let the team know that there’s interest in it, and perhaps in the future we can find a way to squeeze some more photo magic out of it and add a setting like that.

Thanks for the question!