Thicker Shadowbox Coaster Holder For Resin Coasters

A while back I made a wee basketball hoop for catching beer bottlecaps, and I finaly filled it up. I decided to make coasters that had the bottlecaps in them with resin. Figuring out how to do that was a whole other adventure involving a silicone mold, a heat gun, and some very careful pouring, but once they were done I needed a holder for them.

I was inspired by this set of shadowbox coasters to make similar ones that are press-fit without the little tab thingies. Figured I should share this back since @designvh619 was kind enough to share his!


The coasters are 4" rounds that are ~3/4 inches thick. Contents of the SVG should be 9.25" high by 17.438" wide - I use Affinity Designer and I think I got the settings right to be the right size at import, but it’s worth double checking before you print.

And of course, the finished product:


Hey, I recognize that spiral cap! I’m using a couple as magnets in the studio.

Nice work! The coasters and the box look great.

Thank you for sharing your version with the community.


Very nice! Love the coasters and the holder is super nice! Great work! The bottle caps are a great design idea!


Awesome! Like the mod to the holder!