Things not lining up

Ok, I make a jig out of acrylic (same as my blanks in wood) But the problem is when I score the wood the lines are off. I wrote down the x/y ignore the cutout. In my thinking the score should be in the same place. What is happening

If the lower right corner numbers are correct to where the jig is, then it should cut correctly even if the look does not seem so, then it should cut in the correct place. If you have moved something while the machine is on then it won’t.

In the early days before the tools there now existed, I would make the score and then try to move the image the same amount in the opposite direction which made things better at the time but nowhere near what is possible now.

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I write done the the x/y on the app before I cut. Then I put my blanks in and with the same setting the outside line is off. I have even tried to offset it score my the .008 (laser size) still it doesn’t work…

Guess I am going to just remove the outside score line and keep the text. Without the line you can’t tell


An outside scoreline better be part of the cutline as even a sub millimeter error in rotation will screw it up. I have managed very accurate cuts where the wood was a millimeter wider than the cut, but even with the current tools it took several hours to get this…


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