Things That Go Blink In The Night Part 2

This is the second of my two PixelBlaze projects (The first is here)

This one uses a cube platform with a single 8 by 8 LED matrix on the front.

The cube is designed to hold swappable frames with different designs on them.

Each frame consists of a wooden rack style holder with 3 layers of acrylic. The first layer (closest to the lights) is white acrylic, which I use to diffuse things a bit.

The second layer is a thin piece of clear acrylic, which is coated in black spray paint on one side and then engraved with a pattern or image.

The front most layer is the one way mirror acrylic I mentioned in part 1. It serves to hide the design when things are not lit up.

Each of the frames has a small steel rod on the left and right edges. This connects to a pair of magnets in either side of the cube, which holds the frame in place.

Here is a video showing the five frames I currently have in action:


Love the flower too :sunflower: :heart_eyes:


Had I had something like this in college I may never have graduated. Fun.


Very cool!


I always wanted a Lava Lamp as a kid. I think this is just my version.


Who wouldn’t love this?!


So cool!!!

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I like the idea of changing out the artwork. I can never commit to one thing.


Wow. That is cool

Mesmerising! The one with the face is my favourite.

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Love the mix of electronics and wood!!

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Wow! How do you even think up something like this?! Beautiful

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Child of the 60’s :peace_symbol: :sunflower: :exploding_head:

Oooo, very nice! You really need to watch the video to get the full effect. And I have to say, your soundtrack creation is equally nice! If you’re not selling them, you should be.

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