Argh Pirates


Since a few people asked for how I created depth maps in 3ds Max I added a Youtube video showing how to do this (turn on CC for details). The end results are about the size of quarter. The left was 1/8" maple HW and the right is 1/4" draftboard.



oh and thanks to PlGHEADED for the source idea and here is the resulting zDepth map.


Added to the Matrix. :grinning::+1:


Really neat and thanks fir sharing!


Here it is double-sided on .44" cedar (2 passes on each side)

(the hanger snapped off when I tried to clean it)


i almost feel like you should cut holes where the eyes and nose are and turn it into a button.


that would be great if I had printed it smaller… this one is 2.5" in diameter.


I second that, they would (wood?) make great buttons! Or cabinet pulls :slight_smile:


That is an awesome idea.


I hope you don’t mind that I played around with the skull JPG.

Two 0.5” buttons from .125” white PG acrylic.

Left standard 3D engrave, right with speed bumped up from 400 to 505.




Nope don’t mind. Very nice.


Those do make nice buttons :slight_smile: