This bake sale is going to the dogs

Yeah, literally. Every year the nursing staff at my wife’s animal hospital put on a fund raising drive for veterinary care that volunteers provide in the Dominican Republic. Boston has a very large dominican population (most famously represented by Big Papi on the Red Sox, and so this is a popular event. My wife and others bake homemade doggie biscuits and muffins, etc. The majority of the baked goods are for the dogs themselves. So they needed a sign (well they also need a money box, which I will make later on OnShape), and she requested a glowing acrylic sign with a photo engrave of one of the staff working in the DR on a dog. :proofgrade: clear acrylic and engraved at HD photo (the text is all HD Graphic setting). As with most of these signs I engraved on the back after removing the masking paper and it ground away for 2:30. I then blew the acrylic dust off the engravings with my compressor at 150psi (to overcome static cling).

And bonus points, I didn’t forget to flip the image this time!


Looks great! :grinning:


I’m sure they were thrilled to have this added to their display. Pretty cool!

Very nice! I’m always amazed at the quality of engraving you can get for photos on acrylic, which for me was not expected.