This design possible ? box with easy assembly disasembly

Hi, I have idea for design but not sure how to acheive… I would want a box that is not glued and not tight fit but you can disasemble and reassemble at will, maybe some small piece holds the sides together and then you can dismantle easily… any design like thing possible ?
Possibly all sides need to be same sizes with small things protruding… I found viking box maker but I dont want the slats where sides go into each other.

Thanks for your help

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Viking Box” never heard of it, I had to google it, thanks.

Do you want to design your own or use a box generator?

Festi’s Boxes has added a new “spring” finger joint that might help you. Or use it for inspiration.


Can use pegs:

Or some digital joints that can be backed out:

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This type of design might be easily adaptable for what you want

OK, that was a deep rabbit hole. Ended up with 3 new links in my bookmarks. Thanks!


Hi I can use generator… really looking to just have a base model and then engrave what is needed… Think of it like a cube that I want to be a 6 part puzzle for kids… then can disasemble to put one next to each other and then reassemble to make the cube version

Just a thought, have you considered tiny magnets?

Yes, this is possible. Quite simple, in fact.

… or are you asking for someone else to design it for you?

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I would like it if there was a tool to make them, or an existing design out there…
Are you able to design this ?

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