This is how you do customer support


My machine showed up without any lens wipes. No big deal, amazon had a box of 200 for < $20 and they seem handy for other lensy things besides the laser. I sent support an email anyway just so they could add it to the QC checklist (or equivalent).

They let me know they had sent a few anyway and today they showed up in a hand addressed envelope. I love it. :smile:

Thanks for being human @GlowforgeStaff !


So far, it looks like the GF support is going to be great.

I just hope it doesn’t kill @Rita and her team.


What??? Mine didn’t have them either but I just thought that was a lapse in the manual… Already bought a ton from amazon.


Ya so I sent a email that I did not get a power cable. Rita said they would send me one no problem. I said save the postage unless it’s a red cable as I have dozens of power cables already. Unfortunately she said no red cables to send


Nice try!


I knew you would fancy that with your one and only rogue red cord


I got some from Amazon too. They came in a big mailing bag. I needed to play around with box maker software, so came up with this to set beside the Glowforge.

It dispenses from the bottom and the top isn’t glued on so you can refill from there. There is a cut out on the bottom that allows you to grab a wipe. May add some feet so that it is raised up and easier to get to the wipes. Either that, or hang it on the wall or other vertical surface.


Great idea. I want to make one when I get my Glowforge. :grinning:


Slick solution.

At first I thought that you had made a box around a pump-top soap or lotion dispenser to hide an ugly plastic jug… Hey thanks for the idea!


That should go in the Design Catalog. :slight_smile:


It’s supposed to come with lens wipes? I’ve been ROBBED! hahah.


Nice! :sunglasses:


This is where you start screaming “Class Action Lawsuit”


I think they need to add the power cord to QC list as well since my also didn’t come with one. But i have a huge box of power cables so i really didn’t need a replacement.


Maybe they need a packing list that’s signed off on so the customer knows what they are supposed to get.

The wipes and power cord are just little things in the grand scheme but honestly, it’s a bit shocking so many are leaving from Flex without them. Making sure the contents of a package are in the package is the simplest part of this Glowforge voyage.


I love this. I have had a box with my wipes that is now crushed and the lens tool and wipes are just in a baggie. Monk would be happy in your shop! Making this tonight.


Same. But that gross from Amazon should really last quite a while I think. :slight_smile:


Ok @bill_laba. You inspired me to get something done. First real job on the Glowforge all month. Getting those new settings figured out was just not calling to me. But tonight I whipped up my lens cleaning kit. Inkscape extension. So MakForge still works great. Need to put a half moon cutout on front bottom to give thumb and finger pinch room to pull a packet out.


The sincerest form of flattery!


Yeah I’m probably good for a few years… I’ll need a new tube before I run out of the wipes.