This is how you do customer support

Maybe they need a packing list that’s signed off on so the customer knows what they are supposed to get.

The wipes and power cord are just little things in the grand scheme but honestly, it’s a bit shocking so many are leaving from Flex without them. Making sure the contents of a package are in the package is the simplest part of this Glowforge voyage.


I love this. I have had a box with my wipes that is now crushed and the lens tool and wipes are just in a baggie. Monk would be happy in your shop! Making this tonight.


Same. But that gross from Amazon should really last quite a while I think. :slight_smile:


Ok @bill_laba. You inspired me to get something done. First real job on the Glowforge all month. Getting those new settings figured out was just not calling to me. But tonight I whipped up my lens cleaning kit. Inkscape extension. So MakForge still works great. Need to put a half moon cutout on front bottom to give thumb and finger pinch room to pull a packet out.


The sincerest form of flattery!


Yeah I’m probably good for a few years… I’ll need a new tube before I run out of the wipes.


I get how the magnet on the lens tool extracts the lens, but it’s not clear how it holds the lens to replace it.

The support page in the app shows a very good picture of how it fits on top of the other end and you slide it up into the head.


I just balanced it on the non magnetic side of the tool and lowered the laser head onto it until it grabbed and was set in place. At first I was concerned that I’d put it in the right way, but the tool has a design that makes only the correct side of the lens fit well. Pretty thoughtful design touch. No need to agonize about how to re-insert the lens.


You sure it’s not under the foam in the back corner (that was where mine was - and many others I think). Typically you’d expect it to be in a cutout in the foam on the top but for the GF it seems to be under the foam on the bottom.

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Okay, now that is just gratuitous box building :smile:


Can’t wait to be able to cut a box with the :glowforge: just because I can. :grin:


What’s really funny is the number of fairly immediate responses about how to improve upon the box. Not only will you cut boxes just because you can, then you’re going to iterate through design improvements…just because you can. All in the time you’d still be putzing around with an Xacto knife & cardboard (or running to the store hoping to find some kind of box that would work for what you need it for).


Awesome. Your tab layout is much better than mine. I was just happy to get it all to fit together when cut. :grinning:

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Yes. Your tabs aren’t symmetric. That’s different. I really like all the different options there are in the Inkscape extension. I believe the best variety. It allows for straight edges too and dividers.

Me too! I really like them!!


I’m using the Inkscape extension - on a mac - and I can’t figure out where it allows for dividers. Is this a windows only option or am I just not finding things today.

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Are you using the Tabbed Box Maker? Here is the github page:

There are several box maker extensions and sometimes when I have installed Inkscape, I forget which one is which. I use the millimeters because the imperial one allows only two doesn’t got to three significant digits and you need that for precision in tight fitting. The only time you need to convert is thickness for the focus of lid camera, otherwise there is no need (other than knowing how big a part can be in metric)/.


Oh my goodness you made my day! I was using a different (significantly inferior) extension.

I have now downloaded, installed, and am currently in the process of doing my happy dance.

Thank you! I’m off to make a box with dividers.