This is MA GF users signing off

It’s been a privilege knowing all of you, but according to the weathermen now that the storm has undergone “bombogenesis” WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. So if you don’t hear from me or @joe we are all in the orange zone… I think I’m going to go ride my horse, since the farm has an indoor ring and the parts I need to finish the latest GF project haven’t arrived yet.


Good luck with the projected storm. Wild wind speeds too!


Good luck with it! I’ve got close friends up in Gloucester who are doing their best to uhhh… weather this.

Here in South-Eastern PA, we’re getting 1-3 inches. I’m expecting it to be closer to 1". Schools are all closed, but I made it to work without issue. Nothing remotely even in the same ballpark as what the New England area’s getting.

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Whaaaaaaat??? You said it was your wife and daughter who had the horrible expenses, I mean horses.

I guess if you’re going to die, you may as well do it on horseback. I’ve learned from movies it is a preferred way to go.

Just out of curiosity, how is a foot of bombogenesis snow so much deadlier than the multiple foot-of-snow storms you and joe clearly survived last spring? Or two springs ago? Sorry, but all time is one when your mind is addled by age.


Hope the storm underperforms!

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Day 0 (Jan 3, 2018): We’ve returned home from our trip to the midwest. News of an impending storm has reached us. We go to get provisions; luckily it is the middle of the day and most people are still at work. My employer is notorious for not closing for storms, so I was deciding if I should try to make it in or not… when I got the facility closure notice. I’m starting to get worried.

Day 1 (Jan 4, 2018): It has occurred, the Bombogenesis or Bomb cyclone or whatever you want to call it. We shall hunker down here. If you don’t hear from me… well… wait…what was that sound?! ?!..


Stay safe all!

(also, the “snowflake” tag on this post cracked me up)


OMG! Stay out of it guys, and keep us informed of the progress. :neutral_face:


I’m in CT (just under the notch sticking sticking down under Springfield in Henry’s map) so we’re looking for something in the “4 - 10” range. Which honestly is ridiculous - that’s not an estimate, it’s a guess with that size of a range. Kind of like telling you your car repair might be $400 or maybe it’ll be $1,000.

But, the head-scratcher I’ve got is just what is a “bomb cyclone”? That’s a new one that I’ve never heard before. It’s funny because we’ve been in the arctic cold for the past couple of weeks - temps near or below zero at night and highs rarely out of the teens. Typically that would have been accompanied by a lot of flash and sparkly graphics by the weather peeps gushing over the Polar Vortex or some other cool sounding name but that’s not happened this winter. I mentioned to my wife I was wondering why we weren’t seeing that and then boom, they come up with Bomb Cyclone.

We’ve already got about 4" in the driveway but it’s blowing so measuring the snowfall is going to vary all over the boards based on drifting. It’s wicked light because it’s so cold & dry. Gonna be fun to snowblow tomorrow. (It’s not supposed to end until midnight last I saw.)


Yeah, but I get to ride her too! However loud thunder just broke out locally so my wife scrapped us going to the farm… I did ride tuesday (note the goofy looking helmet is because I had to take one of the loaners which had no padding so I put my hat on underneath (plus it was 10 degrees - the ring is unheated) - safety tip: don’t ride in sorrels. While incredibly warm they do not fit safely in an English stirrup:

After this I went to Smartpak and bought a Troxel helmet that fits properly…


UPS just made a delivery here (Amazon & some Inventables stuff). I was sure when I got the delivery notice they wouldn’t make it. I haven’t cleared the front walk but he trudged through the snow down the driveway and to the front door anyway. Amazing :slight_smile:


It is to Comcast…


The howling wind and bitter cold. we are currently getting thundresnow…

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If you don’t make it, can I have your glowforge,… er, I mean, stay safe, I’m sure we’ll hear from you soon. :smirk:


Didn’t they used to just call that a blizzard? (Whatever the name du jour is, good luck!) :smile:


That’s pretty rare, even here in Colorado,

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I hate snow. Correction. I hate having to deal with snow after it has fallen at a redonkulous rate. As of now, it’s not crazy here. 3.5" or so. But as long as this does not happen again…

(last year)

Could not go/do anything for a couple weeks.


I hate snow too. My wife made me clean out one bay of the garage so that she could finally park her car inside. So frustrating. :smirk:


Blizzard has a real technical definition (including sustained 35mph+ winds, visibility limits less than .25mi).

The weather peeps use new terms to get attention and sucker people in to watch their fancy graphics. I can’t find a definition for Bomb Cyclone. In fact, the current storm doesn’t meet the definition of a cyclone at all so as far as I can tell it’s just marketing futz.


It’s coming down pretty good here in Philly, but not too much accumulation, all told. The wind, however, is wicked. Hope Septa can get me home tonight…

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