This is pretty incredible



This is so clean and well done, you cant even tell its 100% laser made on first viewing.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 18, 2017

Oh wow. I thought it was 3d printed for sure…
Its the paint job that really seals the deal. Thats incredible.


Wow! Just wow…I can’t even imagine the thought, care and effort that went into that. The result is pretty wonderful. - Rich


Incredible. Every step of that process looks like it would take forever.


Holy moleeds!




Serious modeling skill there, and yeah, the paint job differentiates pro work!


Build instructions, which includes a layout of all the laser cut pieces as well! If you were diligent you could clean this up to make one for yourself.


Now that is a true artist making the best of their tools.


That is gorgeous! I wonder how he did the curved bits.


I went through the instructions and it looks like the curved bits are just thinner pieces that are curved around other pieces. I’m not sure if they are just thin MDF, or some other material.


That looks incredible… ! I’m curious how many hours it takes to put together, though! :sweat_smile:


thats exactly what I was trying to figure out, but he says its mostly carboard/paperboard for those pieces, so they flex pretty easily


Whoa. Now that is impressive.


That is exceptional! There really is no limit when you give a person with talent tools.


Holy moley…I skimmed through the instructions…wow…lots of parts…but super cool!!!