This is ridiculous

My original machine was very near the end of it’s warranty when I started having issues with the camera. I received a refurbished unit on August 31st under my warranty. On September 9th it stopped cutting through any material. I removed the print head to clean/check lenses and noticed a carriage wheel was broken. I did not know if that was why the machine wasn’t cutting or if it was a coincidence.

I received a new wheel on the 17th. I installed it and the machine still wouldn’t cut through. I emailed again that same day. Today I get an email saying that the machine has an issue that can’t be fixed remotely. I’m expected to pay the estimated cost upfront to fix it and receive another refurbished machine in it’s place.

Why on earth am I expected to pay to fix machine that worked for me for 10 DAYS?! This refurbished one they want me to pay for comes with a 90 day warranty. Why didn’t the one I have now come with a 90 day warranty?

I am holding onto hope that this is an error and the fact that I JUST got this machine has been over looked. This cannot be real.

I’m so sorry, both that you had problems right out of the gate with the replacement unit and that you were quoted a repair cost on a unit that failed so soon after you received it. You are 100% correct that this was an error. Since we’re working with you in email, I’ll follow up with you further there and I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.